Welcome Crow’s & Crowe’s

You are here because you are looking to find out about your lineage. My father started this process about six months before he passed away in 2004. Well four years later I have found myself drawn to my fathers quest. In thinking about it, I guess this is just one thing I can do to honor my father.

My father had sent me some emails with some charts. I was able to use them on ancestry.com and was able to track out four generations further than my father did. The one thing I was able to see, is that it is very easy to add others to your “tree” that may really not belong. In looking at the old emails from my father I found a link to an old website that spoke about a Crow DNA Project that was now underway. This was the only way for me to know for sure if I was tracking back on the right path. The Crow(e) DNA Study Project uses Family Tree DNA in Houston Texas familytreedna.com to do their DNA testing.

Point of order: I have no ties to familytreedna.com and get no money or any type of kickbacks for this. The people that are helping with the Crow DNA project are doing this to help others find their Crow roots. Many of them have given to get this started and some at a very high price. Take this time to become part of The Crow(e) DNA Study Project.

Below is all of the information on the Crow DNA Project and how and why you can become part of it!

My DNA test confirmed that I am in the GREEN Crow’s line. This line has had a DNA test and is linked back as far as Sir William Crow (c1547 – 1627) of the Isle of Man.

Good luck in your quest of finding from whence you came.

God Speed! 

Why should I use DNA Testing? 

– Solve brick walls in our research
– Identify others who are related to us
– Prove or disprove theories regarding our ancestors
– Determine a location for further research
– Validate existing research
– Define family groups